Capsule8 Docs
Capsule8 Docs

Version 3.0.3

Note: We have increased our automated performance and soak testing as part of the release process to reduce the risk of similar bugs in the future. This will also allow us to further tune the product with each release.

Performance Improvements

  • That memory we were using? You can have it back. We’ve set a default memory limit for telemetry (with the same detection performance).
  • We’ve overhauled how the sensor handles frequent file system mounting and unmounting when containers are spun up or shut down.
  • We’ve adjusted the sensor’s file resource limits that were previously set too low, which would cause unpredictable behavior.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where certain file monitoring events could cause the sensor to stop processing telemetry.
  • Good log, 14/10; fixed a bug that shut off logging when the sensor was in supervisor mode.