Capsule8 Docs
Capsule8 Docs

Docker Installation

Capsule8 maintains an external Docker registry where Docker images of the Capsule8 components are made available to customers. We assume that you maintain your own Docker registry in your own infrastructure, or that you otherwise have somewhere to store these Docker images.

To start pulling images from Capsule8’s Docker registry, first obtain a service account key file and then use the GCloud tool.

Service Account Key File

Ask your Capsule8 representative for a service account key file to begin. Once you have the service account key file, save it to ~/.gcloud/key-file.json on a machine that will be used to pull and store the Capsule8 images and prepare them for use. Below is an example service account key file:

    "type": "service_account",
    "project_id": "cap8-docker",
    "private_key_id": "<>",
    "private_key": "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\\abcde12345678910\\abcde12345678910\\n-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\\n",
    "client_email": "< client name >",
    "client_id": "12345678910111213",
    "auth_uri": "",
    "token_uri": "",
    "auth_provider_x509_cert_url": "",
    "client_x509_cert_url": "< client name >"


Once you have saved your service account key file, install gcloud, which will let you pull images from the Capsule8 registry. GCloud is a command-line tool included in the Google Cloud SDK.

Once GCloud is installed, authorization to gain access to the registry can be performed with the following command: gcloud auth activate-service-account < your name > --key-file=~/.gcloud/key-file.json

After successful authorization, images can be pulled from our container registry using the gcloud CLI. The following is an example command to pull one of the Capsule8 components from the registry: gcloud docker -- pull